Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vegan Kickstart!

Vegan? Me? Not really - I love leather shoes as well as leather purses! But, as far as food, I started my family on a vegan diet and we've been doing it now for the past week. I must say eating a vegan diet is HARD! haha! I've heard people doing vegan but never really explored the concept until now. Vegan consists of no meat products AND no dairy products whatsoever!

I received an email from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine letting me know about the 21 day vegan kickstart and I thought "Hmm, maybe we should this". I signed up and downloaded (with my son's help) the 21 day vegan app on my iPhone and we were set!

They have been sending me daily emails with encouragement, celebrity tips and daily recipes. The website even has a daily nutrition quiz which I love!

You may be wondering, well what are you eating if you can't eat meat, ice cream, milk, chicken, sausage....burgers?

We've actually been eating really tasty stuff! Couscous, Boca burgers, brown rice pudding, raising oatmeal.....I made lentils the other day but I grew up with lentils so that was easy for me. I made a 15 bean soup which cleaned everybody out haha! That's awesome! Last night we ate stir fry with seared tofu - yummmm. My daughter Hannah made it - Kudos Hannah! She did a great job!

We went to Chipotle the other day and we ate vegetable bowl - I totally forgot I wasn't allowed dairy and forgot to tell them to hold the sour cream or cheese! oops!

Tonight I'm making polenta with a recipe called Hoppin' John Salad which has brown rice, black eyed peas, veggies, etc. It looks pretty good.

I encourage you to eat healthier too. Even if you don't eat vegan but at least try vegetarian and lay off the red meat for a few days (weeks if possible). Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will thank you. Not only that, but your bowels as they take a break from the taxing sludge and get cleaned out! =D

Here's the website so check it out!

Have a blessed day!

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