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Bitter Truth on NutraSweet/aspartame

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My sister just visited us from Florida and it was such a blessing having her in town. She is so much fun to be with and she loves to cook. I love that she loves to cook because she cooks awesome! On top of the fact that she loves to cook is that she loves to drink diet sodas. I keep telling her to stop that bad habit because diet sodas contain aspartame.

Do you know aspartame is and what this artificial sugar does to your body? I am including a very simple overview of aspartame and side effects of aspartame below. You can always do a little more research on this topic. Dr. Mercola has an excellent book on this and also go do a youtube search for "Sugar: The Bitter Truth".

It looks like sugar, tastes like sugar (so I'm told), even feels like sugar. But it has virtually no calories, doesn't rot your teeth, and, unlike saccharin, has not been proven to cause cancer. The advertisements say it's as natural as a glass of milk and a banana. I always say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

NutraSweet(TM), the trade name for the sweetener aspartame, was developed by the B.D. Searle pharmaceutical company and is now consumed by more than 100 million persons in the United States several times daily. Searle's 100 million per year advertising campaign, the largest ever for an ingredient, is clearly paying for itself and a whole lot more. During 1986, aspartame grossed-more than 750 million for the pharmaceutical company.

Food manufacturers have switched from sugar to aspartame in unprecedented -numbers. This food additive, marketed as a food, is now found in over 1200 products, including everything from baked goods and breakfast cereals, to children's vitamins, laxatives and drugs. In fact, it's hard to find a packaged product that doesn't contain aspartame. But nowhere is the artificial sweetener more visible than in cans of diet soft drinks.

With the introduction of NutraSweet(Tm), consumers began drinking as much as six times more diet drinks. In 1985, 800 million pounds of aspartame soft drinks were consumed. That translates into 5.8 pounds per person, a figure which has probably doubled by now. Sales of diet sodas grew five times faster in 1988 than those of regular sodas, with two million American households.

Why are so many people drinking so many aspartane-sweetened drinks? Partly because tap water is unhealthy, but mainly because sugars are addictive and because aspartame creates an increased thirst.

NutraSweet(Tm) is a synthetic chemical additive. It is not a natural product derived from banana plants or cows as implied by TV commercials. Rather, it is-a man-made substance composed of three ingredients which are natural, but never found together in nature in such a combination. It is composed of two amino acids, phenylaianine and aspartic acid, as well as methyl alcohol, also known as methanol.

NutraSweet (TM) Side Effects:
Complaints from 551 reactors

Headaches 249
Dizziness, unsteadiness or both 217
Confusion, memory loss or both 157
Decreased vision and/or other eye problems 140
Severe depression 39
Severe anxiety attacks 105
Severe drowsiness and sleepiness 93
Marked personality change 88
Palpitations, tachycardia (rapid heart action or both) 88
Paresthesia (tingling) or numbness of the limbs 82
Convulsions (grarid nial epileptic attacks) 80
Nausea 79
Recent severe insomnia 76
Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) 73
Diarrhea 70
Frequency of voiding, buming or urination, or both 69
Excessive thirst 65
Severe slurring of speech 64
Precipitation or aggravation of diabetes 60
Severe joint pains 58

Have a blessed aspartame-free day! :)

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