Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Created for His glory!

I'm just so in awe of how God operates. I'm not only in awe but just totally humbled that He would love us so much to use us. The word of God says our righteousness is filthy rags - I mean, who are we you know?

I'm so excited about a new ministry opportunity that the Lord is opening up for me. I talked to Dr. Martin Lance this morning and he's starting a ministry for unwed mothers here in Houston. He's not only going to be bringing spiritual hope to them but he's also going to bring medical health as in ultrasounds, nutrition classes, exercise, etc. He said he would love to have me work with the girls in sharing what I know as a Family Herbalist. I'm so excited! :) That's just right up my alley.

He also needs other volunteers and my husband will be helping with construction because the building still needs to be finished. He also mentioned some guy that wants to help with worship and my kids can help with that as they are very musical!

Tickled pink! haha!
If you want to volunteer or just want to look at his website: www.drmartinlance.com

To God be the Glory great things He has done!

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